In a knowledge driven scenario where technology and economy change rapidly with intense global market competition, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are the key critical factor for business expansion and profitability. It can construct as well as destruct any business.

In alignment with our clients’ requirement and segment, we help our clients to develop comprehensive IP protection plans that take full advantage of patents, trademarks.

Patent Search
Patentability Search :- Based on the description provided by client, we provide the opinion for its patentability according to patent law of interested country.

Infringement / Freedom to Operate Search:- To check the safety from patent litigation at very initial stage, so client can expand business without any worry of litigation.

Validity/Invalidity Search :- To check the validity or invalidity stands of any granted patent or pending patent application.
Technology Landscape studies :- To understand particular technology trend, strength of competitors and to learn latest technology advancement of any particular interested filed or technology.

Patent Watch Search :- Monitoring of all granted patent or pending patent application related to interested technology or field.

Patent Preparation Services
Patent Drafting :- After checking patentability, we provide the service of drafting patent specification according to the invention of client and patent law of particular country .

Patent Filing & Prosecution :- We also provide the service of filing patent application at patent office as well as prosecution afterwards till the grant of patent.

Trademark Services :
Trademark Search :- Searching of Trademark register of granted as well as applied trademark before going for filing of new trademark.

Trademark Filing & Registration :- We also provide the service of filing Trademark application at Trademark office as well as prosecution afterwards till the grant.

Trademark Renewal :- The term of a trademark registration is for a period of ten years. The renewal can be done for every 10 years and it can last indefinitely if the owner continues to use the mark. All registered Trademark needs to be renewed to keep it enforceable. We provide the renewal service for the same.

Trademark Watch :- The purpose of performing trademark watch is to keep track of trademark applications of clients and to find the conflicting published marks. We provide trademark watch services by sending an alert to our clients whenever similar mark of client is published in the Trademark Journal and is open for opposition.