AUM Research Laboratories has concentrated on the following research areas:  

Natural Products Research
Nature has limitless ability to synthesize complex molecules. Therefore, natural products have been the richest source of drugs and lead structures. Exploring natural resources to identify better therapeutic agents for challenging diseases is our core research interest area.

Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Research
In India, the health care needs and diseases were noted in ancient literatures collectively called as Ayurveda (‘Ayush’ – Life and ‘Veda’ - knowledge in Sanskrit) by rishis (saints) with selfless human service intension. With help of this knowledge, ancient people of India were able to live long and keep their lives healthy. Thus, in order to serve the world with same benefits, we are trying to explore Ayurveda through combination of uncompromised Ayurvedic principles and latest modern scientific technologies.

In order to be on driver’s seat for natural products as well as Ayurvedic pharmaceutical research, we have core competency in following areas.

Phytochemical Investigations of medicinal plants and herbs
With a quest of New Chemical Entities (NCEs) for fighting against diseases, natural resources such as plants and herbs are explored. The aqueous as well as non-aqueous extracts of plants can be profiled as well as investigated phytochemically. Our team has expertise in isolation, purification and identification of natural products with help of advanced analytical and chromatographic techniques.

We could also provide marker compounds, major phytoconstituents or enriched extracts of plants in large quantities for various needs as per customer request.

Standardization of herbal and Ayurvedic products
There are enormous factors like agricultural practices, numerous similar varieties of plant/herb, climate, adulteration, presence of metals and pesticides etc. which affect the quality of herb. This renders quality measures for herbal and Ayurvedic products very difficult to adhere and maintain. Thus, standardization is the most essential part for any formulation in order to achieve the batch to batch quality consistency.

Our team can carry out Complete standardization right from raw material to finished herbal or Ayurvedic product with the help of at par facilities present to ARL.

Herbal/Ayurvedic product development
In order to present the benefits of herbs in an acceptable format to all, Ayurvedic principles and modern scientific technologies need to be combined. Each product needs extentsive experiments to achieve best quality and consistency. Thus each formulation needs to be screened through stringent quality control parameters like physicochemical parameters, stability as well as other phytochemical profiling. With the help of modern pharmaceutical facilities, new herbal/Ayurvedic formulations can be developed in various dosage forms like capsules, tablets, creams, ointments, oils, syrups and granules keeping Ayurvedic principles intact.

With a pool of advisors who are expert in their respective fields with wide industrial experience, our team can help you in development of such herbal formulations by blending ayurvedic principles with modern scientific technologies.